Yoga, Guided Meditations & Inspirations

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Products included:

Zen Yoga

Strengthen Your Body & Mind

withOUT constant yo-yo dieting or gym memberships

Challenge Offerings


guided meditations

Arm Balances

build your strength & confidence


build your flexibility


learn mindfulness techniques


strengthen your spine


awaken your body & mind


see the world from a new perspective

Find Your Zen

become your own best friend


Products included:

Zen Yoga

What Members Get

Zen Yoga's ‘Body & Mind Strengthening Challenge’ including 30 MINUTES OF YOGA PRACTICE 5 DAYS A WEEK designed to awaken & strengthen your body & mind & bring you into a place of renewed confidence in your life

GUIDED MEDITATIONS in addition to breath work tools & mindfulness techniques to strengthen and heal the mind and improve concentration and focus

Bonus #1: NUTRITION & MEAL PLAN to boost energy and maximise results


Who did you design this program for?

The program is specifically designed for busy Mums who would like to put an end to constant yo-yo dieting, lack of motivation and energy, feeling stressed and low in confidence


What equipment do I need?

A yoga mat


How much time do I need?

40 minutes 5 times weekly


What if the challenge doesn’t work for me?

Once it is adhered to and once you keep consistent and accountable, the challenge will definitely yield results


Will this Challenge improve my mental health?

Absolutely! While miracles are not promised, this challenge will teach you valuable tools to reduce the impact of stress & enhance your days to give you renewed energy and strength in mind and body